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 Rushcart Ceremony

Saddleworth Rush Cart,
Rush bearing, once of practical value and seen throughout all of Britain, is a tradition still held dear in many parts of the North of England, though the way of celebrating the custom varies from place to place – the contrast between the Ambleside procession and the Saddleworth Rush Cart could hardly be greater.

 Saddleworth Morris Men

Saddleworth Morris Men are a group of traditional folk dancers from the north of England. Saddleworth is a valley in the Pennine hills between Manchester and Leeds.

 Saddleworth Rushcart

Saddleworth Rush Cart
The Saddleworth Rushcart tradition is maintained by the Saddleworth Morris Men and takes place on the last weekend in August.
The cart carries a solid load of rushes, unlike the Sowerby Bridge Rushcart which is thatched and consequently much lighter and easier to handle.

 Saddleworth News

Saddleworth News and information for Saddleworth and surrounding areas.

 Saddleworth Folk Festival

Website of the Saddleworth Folk Festival at Uppermill near Oldham, the friendly festival on the edge of the Pennines.

 Saddleworth Festival

Since 1957 the Festival has been held initially at 5-yearly but from 1967 at 4-yearly intervals. Its aims are to bring world-famous artists, rising young stars and award winners to Saddleworth with some very talented local organisations, all adding to the rich cultural mix

 Saddleworth Historical Society

The Saddleworth Historical Society aims to document the history of Saddleworth, to promote an interest in the area's past, and to facilitate research relating to Saddleworth history

 Saddleworth Guide

Saddleworth Guide
Most places derive their culture and identity from their location and this is as true of Saddleworth as anywhere else.

 Saddleworth Online

Saddleworth lies in the West Riding of Yorkshire. It covers over 18,000 acres much of which is open land with breathtaking views from hills over looking scenic valleys. Most of the population resides in beautiful villages, each with their own distinct character.

 Virtual Saddleworth

New, updated Virtual Saddleworth. We hope you find this website, informative, useful and interesting. Saddleworth is a group of villages and Hamlets North East of Manchester, United Kingdom.

 Visit Oldham

Your online guide to all that's Oldham

 Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Oldham Coliseum Theatre spans a period of 128 years making it one of the oldest theatres in Britain still operating today. The theatre is also widely considered as the true home of traditional pantomime and produces a new production each year attracting delighted audiences of over 35,000.

 Manchester's countryside

Manchester Countryside
There's another side to Manchester waiting to be discovered. Read on for great ideas for short breaks, days out and events in Manchester's countryside

 Websites 'Going For a Song'

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