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1. Decide on the length of your campaign
You can advertise essentially for any period, from 1 issue to an ongoing indefinite contract. The length of campaign you choose will affect the discount available starting with a 3 issue commitment. Once again, think about your advertising goals and plan ahead a little. We usually recommend a minimum of a 3 issue campaign so as to build brand awareness in the market place.

2. Decide on the size of your advert
Think about your message and what you need to say. Take a look at the magazine, either in print or online and see what size would suit you. A full list of available advert sizes along with the cost of each can be found in the media kit.

3. Take a note of our deadlines
As the magazine is published bi-monthly, we are able to give clients general schedule guidelines that apply to sales and design. We will need you to reserve your space in the magazine by the 15th of the month previous to publication. If we are producing your advert on your behalf, we will require the content and design brief between the before the 15th in order to create, proof and approve your advert by the print deadline which is usually around the 20th.

If you are producing print ready artwork, this can be supplied by the 22nd. (Please note that if these dates fall on a weekend, it is in your best interest to work towards the last working day before the date rather than after). The only exceptions are the December and January editions which are brought forward by several days. Please contact us if you require specific deadlines for these editions.

4. Gather together your material
We have a dedicated Production team who will be your main point of contact for all design queries. When you have your materials together, they can be sent via email to and the design process will begin.

Space reservation is generally up to the 15th of the month previous to the month of publication. Copy deadline may vary with artwork format supplied, around the 20th of each month.


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