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The gift that lasts a lifetime!

Do you spend countless hours shopping for clothes?

Do you feel invisible or frumpy in your clothes?

Do you understand the shape of your body and how to dress it?

Do you know how to personalise your look with accessories?

Before I discovered House of Colour Personal Styling, I could never quite pull off the look I wanted and I often bought clothes on impulse because they looked good on other people. The result was a full wardrobe of costly mistakes. I never seemed to have the right outfits for the different areas of my life, which often prompted me to buy more!


In just 4 hours, you can master the skills to turn your wardrobe around, now and for the future. My Virtual Style session is a personalised service. It is designed to establish an individualised framework for you to develop your own style. You will understand how to dress appropriately for different occasions in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


Here’s what we will cover in your Virtual Style appointment;

  • Detailed analysis of your body shape and how to dress your geometry
  • The importance of understanding your face shape, neck length and jaw angle to choose complimentary neckline shapes, necklaces, hairstyles and glasses frames
  • A review of your vertical proportions allowing specific advice on your best lengths of coats, tops, trousers and skirts/dresses
  • A demonstration of where to wear a belt for maximum impact
  • How to create interest with accessories in shapes and sizes to suit you
  • An in-depth focus on reflecting your personality in your style of clothes and accessories
  • A lifestyle check, to ensure your capsule wardrobe is fit for purpose
  • Budgeting tips – when to spend more, when to hold back
  • How to plan a successful shopping trip

With simple, structured tools, you can have an effortless style and a pruned wardrobe of items you’ll love to wear again and again. You’ll have my continued support all the way, to ensure you gain the very most from your appointment.

To book your Virtual Style appointment, email Catherine.maloney@houseofcolour.co.uk


The appointment will take place over a zoom call. The 4-hour session may be run as 2 x 2-hour appointments and the total fee is £225. Payments may be made in instalments.  A gift voucher for full or part payment may be purchased. Virtual Style is suitable for male and female clients.

Embrace 2021 with confidence and the tools to look and feel your very best.


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