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Leading the Positive Fight against Bullying & Mental Health

An Ex pupil is leading the positive fight against Bullying & Mental Health

A former pupil of a school in Rawtenstall has put her own negative experiences to positive use by helping others to combat Bullying and it’s effects on Mental Health.

Set up by Rachel Spencer, BeeU anti-bullying and mental health campaign is a touring drama based learning workshop helping to create awareness on two of the biggest subjects the country is facing.



Rachel, a victim of bullying herself in 2014/15, was teaching many children AND adults who were also suffering silently.

People were facing this alone and Rachel wanted to do something about it. The workshops have been taken on all over the country.

The group have recently had contact from schools and companies in Europe and further afield, which has been fantastic to raise awareness. As a campaign the team also raise money to help people get the help they need to move on positively with their lives. These include enjoying events, classes, spa days, makeovers and much more.

As a youngster, Rachel was bullied at primary school so it is something that is close to her heart. Recently some of Rachels younger clients came to her and said that they are currently being bullied. Bullying can happen at any age and in any setting, not just at school.

The idea behind the workshops is to spread the anti-bullying message and to build confidence and encourage pupils to be happy with the person they are.


To raise money, Rachel and the team sell merchandise and run events.

The biggest one to date will be a black-tie dinner held on March 20th 2020.

The event will include entertainment by some of those affected by the effects of bullying and mental health. It promises to be a great evening so please show your support.

If you’d like any more information on tickets for the event. Or for further information on any of the great work Rachel and the team do, then please feel free to contact her.



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