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We’re joining millions of people across the country honouring the fallen in Oldham on Sunday, November 10.


Remembrance Sunday services will be taking place at venues across the borough, held in conjunction with branches of the Royal British Legion.

Residents, uniformed services and representatives of all organisations are encouraged to attend the services and there will also be opportunities to place wreaths on the memorials.

Councillor Sean Fielding, Leader of Oldham Council, said: “Our residents have the deepest respect for those men and women who have given their lives for peace, security and freedom.

“Services across the borough are always well attended and we hope this year as many people as possible will take the time to reflect and go to a service.

“Please support the Royal British Legion’s annual campaign and wear a poppy with pride.”

The council’s webpage – – features an online ‘Roll of Honour’ containing the names of all borough residents who lost their lives serving their country from the First World War onwards.

In the coming weeks our presence on social media Twitter and Facebook – will also be proudly bearing a Remembrance theme.

Details of the Remembrance Sunday Services, held in in conjunction with branches of the Royal British Legion, can be found at and also below:



OLDHAM War Memorial, opposite Old Town Hall commencing at 10.50am.  A procession will assemble at New Radcliffe Street at 10.20am and proceed to the War Memorial at 10.30am.  All organisations are invited to attend. Crosses may be placed in the field of remembrance adjoining the War Memorial.
CHADDERTON War Memorial in the Old Town Hall Gardens, Middleton Road, commencing at 10.55am.  A procession will assemble at the Chadderton Reform Club, Middleton Road, Chadderton at 10.00am and proceed to the War Memorial at 10.30am.
CROMPTON War Memorial commencing at 10.55am.  A procession will assemble at the Royal British Legion Club, Newtown Street, Shaw, at 10.30am proceeding to the War Memorial at 10.40am.


War Memorial, Oldham Road, commencing at 10.55am. A parade will assemble at the Tesco Car Park at 10.15am and proceed via left onto Ashton Road West, left onto Pole lane and left onto Oldham Road passing Failsworth Town Hall to the War Memorial at 10.40am prompt.
LEES War Memorial commencing at 10.55am.  A procession will assemble in Princess Street at 10.10am prior to proceeding to the War Memorial.
ROYTON Royton Park commencing at 10.55am.  Uniformed services to assemble at rear of the Boyle Store, on the car park off Radcliffe Street at 10.30am prompt for parade to Memorial at Royton Park.  March past Royton Town Hall afterwards.
SADDLEWORTH St Chad’s Memorial Uppermill on Monday 4 Novembercommencing at 7.15pm and at the Pots and Pans Memorial onSunday 10 November commencing at 10.55 am.
DOBCROSS Remembrance Sunday Parade which assembles at Dobcross Band and Social Club at 09:30. Procession is led by Dobcross Youth Band and followed by committee members, parents/guardians and members of the public from the club to the Church on Woods Lane, attending a service and travelling back the same way.
AUSTERLANDS On Sunday 10th November 2019 at 11.00am a service of remembrance will take place with an anticipated 100+ members of the public in attendance. Heywood Lane will be inaccessible during the service from about 10.30am and all attendees should have dispersed by 11.30am when the road will be re-opened.
WATERHEAD Waterhead war memorial commencing Sunday 10th November at 10:30. No procession to be carried out. Memorial service will run from 10:30 – 11:15 when roads will be re-opened. Closures in place for Heywood Street and Brideoak Street.
BARDSLEY At 10:30 on 10th November 2019 church members will walk with Uppermill Brass Band from Byrth Road along Ashton Road to Bardsley War Memorial for act of Remembrance at 11:00.



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