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Our latest cinema film review.

Our latest cinema film review.  Outdoor Cinema Club
Mike Kemble

We seem to be back to the usual weather malarky of cloud with rain after last year’s glorious summer, although there’s still an outside chance things may pick-up for the weeks ahead as we enter prime-time holiday season (though don’t hold your breath). It sort of lends itself to staying indoors, which isn’t too bad if you’re a film lover, though it is nice to go out once in a while. This got me thinking about a weekend away I had last year in the sunnier climes of Valencia, when I happened across the brilliant sight of a huge inflatable screen on the beach showing a Spanish version of Toy Story to the delight of hundreds of adults and children alike. The sound-system was booming and what was even better was that it was all available for free. I hung around and watched for a little while, though with it being dubbed in Spanish my attention span only lasted a few minutes, and in any case, I had beer to drink and food to eat at the local tapas bar down the road.

Looking back to that night and out of the window today, it’s no surprise outdoor cinema hasn’t really caught-on in this country when you consider our susceptible climate. Yet, the advance of new technologies and creative spaces is starting to shape an entrepreneurial spirit in some passionate individuals and independents that are changing things for the better. There appears to be a growing base of locations up and down the country investing time and energy in bringing cinema to the wider outdoor audience,and to this I can only applaud. Granted, there’s still a way to go and there’s not really much around these parts on any regular basis, though summer does offer wider opportunities to at least attempt to put on a show. So, if on the odd chance there’s an evening of some sunshine without showers then it may be worth heading over to Manchester, where the last remaining shows will be projected on a pop-up picture screen that has taken over the courtyard at The Oast House in Spinningfields. Free screenings of film, opera and ballet continue to have been taking place on Monday and Tuesday nights since mid-June and there’s still plenty of time to catch the likes of Men in Black; The Royal Opera: ‘Carmen’; 10 Things I Hate About You; Crazy Stupid Love; and what will likely be a crowd sing-a-long favourite, The Greatest Showman, which will end this year’s festivities on Tuesday 16 July. What’s more, you won’t need a ticket, just turn-up with plenty of time and bag a deck-chair from the 300+ available and away you go! So, big congrats to the organisers for this year’s mini-outdoor film festival, and my only advice going forward would be: lots more of the same please! Perhaps it’s something we might want to think about for the people of Saddleworth and Tameside – you never know, maybe next year, we could set-up a club!

Films to watch over the coming months….

MidsommarMidsommar (3rd July): Ari Aster, the director of last year’s smash-hit horror film Hereditary is back with what looks to be an even scarier piece of cinematic shenanigans, that will make you think twice about taking a trip out to rural Sweden anytime soon.







Only-youOnly You (12th July): This smart drama stars Lai Costa, who made a name for herself in the excellent euro-thriller Victoria (2015), and Josh O’Connor, who came to the fore in the fabulous God’s Own Country (2017), so expect some strong performances from both in this topsy-turvy romance.







lion-kingThe Lion King (19th July): Disney’s live-action remake from director Jon Favreau promises to be the smash-hit of the summer with Simba, Mufasa and Scar bringing the animal kingdom to life for a new generation of children and families.






ChambermaidThe Chambermaid (26th July): Gabriela Cartol plays Eve, a young chambermaid at a luxurious Mexico City hotel confronting the monotony of work with a determined focus on how to create a better life for herself.







Once-upon-a-time-in-HollywoodOnce Upon A Time In Hollywood (14th August): In this 25th anniversary year of Pulp Fiction (1994), and unbelievably only Quentin Tarantino’s ninth feature film, the master auteur is back with a bang in his take on 1969 Los Angeles. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt look to be on top form as a waning star and his long-time stunt double respectively, struggling to make sense in the changing scene of Hollywood.




See you next time!

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