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8 Steps that Will Make You A Better Public Speaker:

8 Steps that Will Make You A Better Public Speaker:


Rubbi Bhogal-Wood

Rubbi Bhogal-Wood
Rubbi Bhogal-Wood 


I was recently selected from over 200 applicants to share my ‘idea worth spreading’ at TEDx Oldham. Many business owners tell me they want to speak in public but lack the confidence. Here are 8 tips to get you started.


1) Get a clear brief: Ask the organiser questions likewho will be attending, the event theme, length of speaking slot.


2) What’s Your Point? If you were to summarise in one sentence what your speech is about, what would you say? Keep that answer front of mind as you write the speech.


3) Prepare Early: As soon as you’ve confirmed the practical details, start to jot down your speech ideas. Pour your ideas out of your head and on to paper.


4) Make it personal: Any speech you make is instantly made better by including a personal story or anecdote. People remember stories rather than facts. They humanise you and help create connection. Having rapport with your listeners will certainly add to your confidence on the day.


5) Get Writing: It’s time to start writing. Don’t get caught up trying to produce the final version in your first sitting. I wrote over 10 drafts for my TEDx Oldham speech before reaching a version I was happy with.


6) Practise, Practise, Practise: To give a great speech that your audience connects with you must know your script inside-out and feel the words you’ve crafted. This is best achieved by practicing your speech often. If possible, practise your speech at the venue complete with lighting and sound.


7) Enjoy the Moment: After all your hard work preparing and writing the speech it would be a shame not to enjoy the moment. Before you walk on stage breathe deeply and calmly for a few minutes. Then smile at your audience and begin confidently.


8) Do it Again: You’ll get a buzz from doing your speech and recommend that you build on that confidence by seeking out as many varied speaking opportunities as you can. LinkedIn is a great space to start your search.


Rubbi is a Social Media Consultant.


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