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The Miners Band Live @ The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham.

The Miners Band Live @ The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham.

On Saturday 21st December.

Local group The Miners Band will play the last music gig and event of 2019 titled ‘Another Room’ at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham. The last act of the year are an acoustic rock’n’roll band that take to the stage to deliver an exciting set with a mix of ballads and faster tempo numbers.


The band includes local talents such as singer and songwriter Lee James Cluskey, Richard Ellis Hawley on keyboard and Luke Webster on drums. All music lovers will enjoy a full set of songs written by Lee James Cluskey, which includes one or two well known covers.




“I think this will be an important gig for The Miners Band, as far as the music scene goes playing at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, it puts the band on the venue map so to speak and sets the tone for 2020. More gigs are currently being lined up with more dates to be announced.” Lee told us.


He also has a presence of mindset regarding the recordings. ‘The debut EP ‘Here’s To The Old Days’ was that music land marker required in the summer.”


“Regarding the time span for the first single and debut album I would say March – April 2022 for the first single and September – October for the release date of the first album. I know it seems quite far off but if things progress quicker playing to the audiences throughout the UK so it could be more 2021. If you want a crack at getting to number one in the singles and album charts there is a realistic journey you have to commence in connecting with the music people.”


“Finally there is also one more important thing to say. I know he wouldn’t like me to mention him, but I have to say can we remember my Father Ged Cluskey who left us as a human being in 2019 but not in spirit, the great man will always be remembered, but he would want me to inform people about research in curing mesothelioma. He lived another great five years. He was like an old warrior.’


The Miners Band will be supported by three local fantastic music acts.


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