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New Chairman for Saddleworth Round Table

Andrew Rothwell outgoing chairman of Saddleworth Round Table handed over to the incoming chairman John Arthurs in an innovative and fun AGM.

The AGM was originally organised to take place at the White Hart Lydgate and once the meeting had finished, move into the Oak Room for the wine tasting evening on April 9th. As social distancing and lockdown came in across the country it looked like the AGM would have to be put on hold. However, Andrew and John were keen for the AGM to still go ahead and organised a zoom video conference call for all members, complete with an AGM pack put together by Andy and John for each member. These packages were delivered to each members house prior to the meeting and included a meal prepared by Manns Wharf catering, Beer from the guys at Donkeystone brewery and not to miss out on the wine tasting evening, Winos supplied a selection of red, white and rose wines so a virtual wine tasting could go ahead.

Andrew passed over the reigns to John and had this to say about his year.

‘I’ve had the pleasure to be the chairman of such a fantastic organisation for the last year, it fills me with pride that our members and the wider community have enabled Saddleworth Round Table to donate a record amount of money (£26,791) to local worthy causes. The team has grown in the last 12 months seeing new members (Andy Butterworth, Andy Hardwick, Alex Smalley, Dan Langhorn & Andy Lees) joining the club and instantly mucking in to make a difference to our events.

In the last twelve months, we started a new event in Oktober Pie Fest, fine-tuned an existing event in band in a barn and improved our main event ‘Santa Dash’ to hold more Santa’s than ever in the park. I’ve been filled with pride when giving our hard-earned funds to worthy causes. We donated to 25 initiatives but what has stuck with me is the amazing work done at ‘Point’ charity, we enabled three coach’s of children to go to Chessington world. When I met the children before they left it was clear how much the trip meant to them.

In the current pandemic is not the best time for John to take over the reins, however, it’s clear John is the best man to take Saddleworth Round Table forward. John has been a leader for SRT since the moment he joined just over three years ago, always leading from the front, improving our events and steering our meetings. I know he will lead us into an exciting future, he has already gained a new member and worked with key members of SRT to raise a magnificent £10,000 to support our front line workers in Oldham.’

John took over introducing his executive committee to the rest of the members including, Ste James as Vice Chairman, Stephen shepherd as Treasurer and Andrew Butterworth as Secretary.

He quickly took Charge of the AGM and Virtually inducted Max lees into Saddleworth Round table as the newest member.

John says, ‘I am very excited for the year ahead as Chairman of Saddleworth round table. It’s a difficult period to be taking over as one of the highlights in our calendar and an event I have helped organise for the last 2 years has had to be cancelled due to COVID 19. This was a fantastic event that was growing each year and raised over £5k last year for charitable causes. We are still looking forward and hopeful for events later in the year such as Oktober Pie fest which can only grow on the success from 2019 and not forgetting Santa dash. With the success of moving it to the park last year, this event is only going to keep growing and it has a real community feel to it.

Although we have had to cancel Band in a Barn, Members noticed a need for care packages for NHS staff within Oldham. As lockdown happened we quickly set up a just giving page raising funds to purchase some basics for care packages such as toiletries, snacks, energy drinks, phone chargers. We quickly hit our £5000 target and were able to purchase products to send into various departments throughout Oldham. We had some amazing donations from local companies such as £11,000 worth of hand cream from WIDDOPandCo and Ultimate products donating 450 high power chargers.

With the need for PPE very high, we changed what we were purchasing to masks visors and aprons. We found companies that were able to produce visors and aprons and had them delivered to Oldham hospital with a few days.

The campaign has really been a team effort from Saddleworth round table and I am pleased to be able to be part of this great organisation. We have currently raised over £10k for NHS frontline staff and we will be continuing the campaign as long as it is needed. So please, if you can spare £10, £20 or even £1 look for our just giving page on our Facebook page and donate.

Through its community services activities, Saddleworth Round Table has helped supported good causes in our local area. For over fifty years we have support local Charities, projects, groups, even individuals. We seek to support those who struggle to gain access to mainstream charitable funding. We have supported local branches of National Charities, but we prefer supporting local endeavours.

This year we will have limited opportunity to undertake fundraising. But we want to support local Charities, projects, groups. Its what we do. Its something we are good at. If you have are a charity, project, group, and want to discuss how we can help you directly or indirectly through our wider network contact us on 07754060119.

Saddleworth Round Table is always on the lookout for new members. If you’re a guy aged 18-45 and want to help raise funds for charity whilst having fun, then speak one of their members. Or you can contact them through Facebook about joining.

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