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Local Mossley band Celebrates New Single With Major Academy Gig

Local Mossley band Celebrates New Single With Major Academy Gig

Article & photos by Tom Rogers

Freeda3 Mossley based Band

Mossley based Indie band Freeda kicked off the year in style with a stand out support slot and a new single that’s already starting to make waves online.

On 16th February, the band wowed audiences supporting Glass Caves at Manchester Academy 2, in front of an impressive crowd just days after the release of their latest single, ‘Plead’.

Speaking ahead of the gig, Bassist Adam Barton said: “This is the biggest gig we’ve done, it’s a good start to this year, we’re hoping to go on, get some festivals out of it and I think we’re progressing towards an EP coming out by the end of the year, and hopefully get a few more really decent support slots like this one.

“We did year ends festival which was good and we spoke to (gig promoters) Scruff Of The Neck about being involved in the Glass Caves gig, put our names forward and they added us to the line up.

“We’ve been with Scruff from the start really, they’ve got us basically all of our gigs, but this one we thought we suited the style of Glass Caves in a way, we’re similar genres. We’re just happy to support them because they’re like the biggest (band) to us really.

“We’re just happy we’re into the higher sum of selling tickets now, and we need that crowd to get us going right from the first song, but we want to just enjoy it, have a good time and sell some merch.

“We were quite shocked about the people online who got in touch and bought tickets and we’ve never even seen their faces before which is a good step.”

Freeda’s new single ‘Plead’, released in mid February has fast become their best known single to date, having climbed to number one on their band pages on a number of streaming sites including Apple Music and Spotify.

“Plead has got a massive response and we’re really happy, It’s had radio play on Real XS and Amazing Radio among others, and I don’t know exact numbers but I know that we managed around 3 thousand streams on spotify in the first few days, which is really good for an up and coming band.

Freeda2 Mossley based Band

“It’s sort of been a long time coming for it because we’ve been holding on to it and listening to it for 3 months so it’s really good to get it out and the reviews have been great.

“We went into Sugarhouse (Studios) with it at the end of September, we love being there, they loved the song from the start and thought it was a banger, they worked with us on it, stripped it down and helped us build it and made it what it is today.”

The band hail from Mossley, the same town that has seen recent major success with the likes of the alt. rock band, Cabbage, who took their last album to number 21 in the UK Album Charts.

“I think that the area that we live in, music is the area! There’s Afghan Sand Gang and Ambiere who are doing really well, everyone’s doing really well, the key is to just keep on going and working just like we are.

“With us, everyone’s got that ambition and work ethic to do really well, so I think we’ve got something and if we carry on, and keep making really good music hopefully we’ll get caught on by something good.”

Freeda’s latest single, ‘Plead’ is available now on music streaming websites such as Spotify, YT Music and Apple Music, with a music video set to be released on youtube soon.


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