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Top Tips for Working from Home

Local businesswoman Lorraine Robinson from Not Just Travel gives us her Top Tips for Working from Home.

I have been running my business from home for nearly 3 years now.  Having left an office environment it was a hard transition to make.

Here are my top tips for helping you work successfully from home.


  • First and most important imagine your workspace is a real office (even if you do have washing and toys round it at the moment)


  • Stick to a routine.  Get up at the same time, the same routine and go to work as normal (even if it is to the kitchen ). DON’T be tempted to stay in your PJ’s.


  • Take plenty of screen and stretch breaks.  Your desk won’t be the same as your office one with all the health and safety checks so its important to take that break now more than ever.


  • Eat your meals away from your desk.


  • If you are tempted to get things done around the house then schedule them in.  Put the washing in before you start work and plan a break around when it will be finished.


  • Use technology to stay in touch.  It’s great to call people on the phone, but if you normally work with a lot of people then use a video conferencing system.  Keep that face to face contact, its nice to see other people smile.


  • Have a clocking off time and stick to it where you can.  It’s tempting to check emails at 9 pm but if it can wait till the next day then let it.


Remember you are in this situation because things have changed for everyone.  No one has it figured out, so don’t feel like you have to also.


Lorraine Robinson
Travel Consultant
Not Just Travel



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