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National Apprenticeship Week 2022 sheds light on the Future

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 sheds light on the Future

Now in its 15th year National Apprenticeship Week is a chance to put the spotlight on the young work force of the future and something as a firm we are thoroughly invested in.

Some of our young apprenticeships have been nominated for national awards, others have been named student of the year at their individual colleges, but one thing they all share is a commitment to combining learning with working.

The theme this year is ‘build the future’ and that is something we are certainly on track with.

As Pearson Director and Practice Manager, Joanne Ormston, says:

“As a firm we enjoy developing and encouraging our young learners and seeing them progress over the years. They make a positive impact on the firm and build a set of skills appropriate to their chosen careers.  By investing in them we can hopefully secure their long term growth and potential and help encourage others to follow suit,” she added.“I would encourage other employers, not just law firms, to look at the apprenticeship scheme and help generate the workforce of the future.”

Commenting on their development as young apprentices two of our team, Emily Gardner, in the family team and Emma Collinson, working in conveyancing had this to say:


Emily Gardner:

“I am currently in the second year of my apprenticeship handling my own case load for divorce & children matters. I have one day a week for study and then four days in work. It is hard at times juggling work and studying but I enjoy learning on the job and I feel this helps me within my university work. It is best to get into a routine of studying and working as this helps.”

But above all else I enjoy dealing with clients & helping them through their case, attending court and sitting behind counsel.


Emma Collinson:

“I am in my first year of my 7 year solicitor apprenticeship and am a conveyancing executive. I started as a legal assistant and paralegal apprentice 3 years ago and I have continued working and studying with the firm. 

Being an apprentice works for me as it allows me to continue with higher education whilst also still working. It also allows me to apply what I am learning to my day to day job and helps me become a better lawyer. By the end of the apprenticeship I will be a qualified solicitor with 10 years of experience in property law due to being with the firm prior to starting this current apprenticeship.

I enjoy the fast pace of conveyancing and being part of the team. We have amazing team communication and working in an open plan office allows me to receive training every day. I enjoy advising clients and helping them buy the house of their dreams or to enhance their property portfolio, but also helping people when it is time to sell a house and close that chapter of their life. I like the excitement that comes with working with first time buyers and helping guide them through the conveyancing process.”


If you feel you have what it needs to join our growing team of young apprentices call and speak to Joanne on 0161 785 3500 or email

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