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Welcome to The House of Colour

The House of Colour invited our roving reporter Beverley Heap for a Colour Analysis Consultation. Here’s how Beverley rediscovered her style and upped her WOW Factor!

I have been lucky enough to have a Colour Analysis consultation with Catherine Maloney, a House of Colour Personal Stylist.


I honestly thought I knew exactly which colours were suited to my colouring. Through the class with Catherine, I discovered the tones that give me the absolute WOW factor making my skin actually look fresher and younger, with a natural radiant glow.

What colour suits me?

A HOC stylist will give you a whole spectrum of colours that naturally harmonise with your individual eye colour, hair colour and skin tones.


Who doesn’t want to look their best?

Build a wardrobe that works for you, filled with clothes you will wear time and time again. Most of us only wear 15% of the clothes in our wardrobes, 85% of the time!

For my class with Catherine, I was asked to attend with NO makeup on. Oh my, shock horror! I’ve not stepped out of the house bare-faced for years. The class started with a chat with Catherine, who made me feel very relaxed. She explained how colours are categorised on the colour wheel and how the analysis works. I was then sat in front of a mirror, and drapes of different shades were placed around my neck.

It was amazing to see the difference certain colours made to my eyes, they looked much brighter. My skin also looked clearer and younger with certain shades of colour. The colour range is split into four categories: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Colours are clear, bright, warm, light and splashy.


Colours are soft, muted, cool and smoky.


Colours are rich, warm, earthy and vibrant.


Colours are clear, bright, vivid, cool and have high contrast value.

Everyone will suit one of the four categories – a quarter of all the colours in the world! These same colours will complement you from childhood and for the rest of your life. Once you know the palette that is best for you, this will never change!

My season was Winter which goes from the lightest icy shades to the darkest neutrals, with claret and burgundy reds, aubergine, fuchsia pink, emerald green, royal blue and purple in between. All vibrant, dramatic and sophisticated, and best worn with white-gold or platinum jewellery, all clear colours – never muted. Winter is also the only season that can wear pure white or black. Sounds about right for me.

House of Colour recommend a 3 step programme:

1 Colour Analysis:

Discover your WOW colours.

2 Style Day:

Dress for your body shape and discover your individual style, reflecting your personality.

3 Make-up workshop:

Experiment and learn to perfect your make-up application (Women) OR a 1-hour Wardrobe review or Shopping Trip (Men).


Catherine says many of her clients say they feel so much more confident after their classes. They say they feel visible and are more memorable to others. Shopping is quicker and successful to make the right choices. Getting ready for work, occasions and holidays is easier when your wardrobe is co-ordinated. Mix and match with a rainbow of colours that match perfectly with you.

Catherine’s clients say they wish they had done it years ago, as it’s made such a change to how they look and feel.

To book in with Catherine Maloney Personal Stylist please call 07871 207199 or email

Everyone deserves their own personal stylist.

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