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The New Mum Survival Guide

The New Mum Survival Guide

By Victoria of Hugo & Me, Uppermill

Sometimes being a new mum is the hardest job in the world. You could be juggling a baby, possibly more children, a household, a job – the list is exhausting. It can be hard for new mums to find the time to take care of themselves, but it’s so important to. Even finding five minutes in the day for yourself is a big step. We’ve put together some new mum advice to help you to take the steps you need to look after yourself as well as your new baby.

Take Care of Your Body


Sometimes a meal for a new mum can be whatever they have time to grab on the way out of the house or while baby’s asleep. A good way to regulate your nutrients is by taking new mum vitamins, which can keep you feeling healthy and revitalised.

Most new mum vitamins will include B2, B3, B6 and B12 which are all good for keeping you feeling less tired and fighting off the fatigue. Many also include biotin which is good for maintaining normal skin and hair, keeping you feeling like yourself. Just remember to take them with food – always read the instructions in the packet.

Always Keep the Essentials with You

Do you have a new mum kit? When you’re taking the baby changing bag out, stick in an extra little bag full of essentials for you. A spare t-shirt is always a good idea to have in the new mum kit, just in case you get spit upon in public and need to change. Why not choose a fun slogan t-shirt or jumper?


If you’re not keen on breastfeeding in public, a scarf or swaddle is useful to have on you to cover yourself if you want to. Remember to keep a little makeup bag full of any extra toiletries you might need on the go. Finally, don’t forget some bibs or muslins, to mop up any spills!

Don’t Forget Self Care!


Even if you only get five minutes to yourself in the day, make it count! There are loads of new mum skincare regimes you can do to keep yourself relaxed, feeling like yourself and looking healthy. The hormones which come with pregnancy can be awful for your skin and sometimes it continues after the baby is born. A good facemask or face wash with rejuvenating and moisturising qualities is always a quick way to make your skin feel refreshed.

Stay Healthy


New mum exercise routines might sound completely unachievable – where would you find the time to work out? It’s all about doing the little things when you can. A good new mum exercise tip is a brisk walk with the pram. It’s a great way to get the baby out into the fresh air and to give yourself a bit of exercise without being too strenuous.

We hope our new mum advice has been useful and has helped you feel a bit more positive about taking care of yourself post-baby.

Visit us at Hugo & Me, 111 High Street, Uppermill to browse our range of baby and mama products to find some new mum essentials.

Love Victoria xx


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