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Groomswear Style Advice & Tips by Buckley Menswear

Groomswear Guru Philip Buckley, the owner of Buckley Menswear, gives us style advice & tips on what to wear on the “Big Day”

Do you go Traditional or Trendy?

This is always the quandary that most couples have when it comes to choosing the suit for the Groom. Quite often the destination will help to guide you.


Traditional Tails

If it’s a traditional white wedding in your local church, then you may be inclined to go with classic tails. Be it black tails and stripe trousers with a Top Hat. Or a contemporary royal blue in a slightly more modern fit. Tails are a classic and will always be a safe bet, but don’t forget, anything can be personalised with a funky tie!

The Classic 3-Piece

Still very much in demand, the classic 3-piece suit and again its always navy, royal blue or mid-Grey.

The groomsmen are usually put in a matching 3-piece with a coloured tie. Giving the groom a contrasting waistcoat and usually, a tie to match the rest of his party gives the groom a more individual look



The Tweed waistcoat in a blue or grey check can be teamed with a matching bow or classic tie. Expect to pay around the £100 mark per suit to hire but if you have a party of 5 or more you should be expecting to get the Grooms suit for FREE!!!




Off the Peg’

With ‘Off the Peg’ suits becoming more affordable we’ve found that couples are now looking to buy rather than hire and this works if you want a more individual look. You can get a more On-Trend look and fit but do keep in mind how it will look in years to come when you look back at that old wedding photo and ‘That Trendy Suit!


Will Grandad wear it? Will Dad wear it?

The other problem with buying? Getting everyone to match! Do they have a matching suit for your son or nephew, grandad or dad?

So many options!  You’ll generally have a colour theme from the bride, and this is always a good starting point.

The last thing you want is a colour clash on her big day. Make sure you communicate, and this colour will guide you to a tie for starters.  This will guide you to a suit, and before you know it you’ve narrowed it down to just one or two suits and at long last, you can make a decision!



Philip Buckley, owner of Buckley Menswear worked for a well-respected men’s outfitters for over 20 years. He decided that the time was right to branch out and open his own store in Rochdale Town Centre.

His new store on South Parade is one of the most iconic buildings in the town and having undergone a full refurbishment, now boasts two floors of quality menswear. On the ground floor, you’ll find their more casual collections offering everything from jeans to t-shirts, coats and shoes. Downstairs they offer a more formal tailoring department with a great selection of suits and jackets as well as formal trousers.

They also have a suit hire department where they can cater for a single slim fit suit up to a party of twenty plus attending a wedding.

Downstairs there’s also an open workroom where you can see your alterations being done whilst you wait!

Visit the store or call /email them today!!

Buckley Menswear

1 South Parade


OL16 1LW

Telephone: 01706 484466


Images courtesy of Mark Copeland of Envision Images

Mark Copeland  –  07835 390431

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