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Reboot your social media marketing

Reboot your social media marketing 

By Rubbi Bhogal-Wood | Social Media Consultant

Rubbi Bhogal-Wood
Rubbi Bhogal-Wood

As the festive season gathers pace many business owners end up abandoning social media posting. But is the short tern revenue gain doing more harm than good to your business?

Here are 5 steps to help you create consistent and engaging content that will keep sales up and your brand front of mind.

1) Review: Before creating another social media post, stop and review what you’ve already done. Look back over the last 3 months and note down patterns. What’s worked well/not so well? What type of posts receive the most engagement? Doing this exercise will help inform you of the most effective type of posts to produce more of going forward.

2) Measure Your Success: Next, ask yourself how well the last 3 months of your social media activity has gone in helping you achieve your business goals? If you’re not linking the two elements – social media tactics and business objectives – together then you’re wasting your time. Make your efforts count.

3) Goal Setting: What is business critical for you for the next 3 months? Perhaps you’re launching a new product or service. Maybe you need to drive traffic to your website? Or, is vital to raise brand awareness quickly? Whatever your challenge, set 2 or 3 clear and concise goals. Then explore how social media is going to help you achieve them.

4) Make A Plan and Stick To It: Bring your goals together in an actionable and manageable format. I recommend you work on a quarterly basis splitting the period into 3 monthly chunks. Use a monthly calendar template, and mark out key dates for your business-critical goals. Next, layer on any business events such as meetings, networking, conferences, and so on. At this point you will start to see your 3 months’ worth of social media content fill up nicely. Fill in the gaps by adding content you know has worked well in the past. Soon you will be ready to craft and schedule your content.

5) Ask For Help: Don’t struggle through your social media planning. Ask a trusted friend, colleague or network buddy to help with ideas. Alternatively, many of my clients find the below services invaluable.


  1. a) Content Ideas Calendar service: 30 days’ worth of bespoke content created in an easy to read document.
  2. b) 1:1 workshop: step by step guidance showing you how to get social media working hard for your business.

Rubbi is a Social Media Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in marketing and advertising.

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