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Recycle with Willow Wood

Willow Wood Hospice charity shops are great to find a bargain, but they also play an important role in recycling.

Textile Recycling

The Charity Retail Association reported that in 2018, 339,000 tonnes were kept out of landfill and sold through UK charity shops. Local authorities have to pay a landfill tax, so around £30 million was saved. This saving could then be spent on services for residents.

It takes up to 2,700 litres of water to produce one T-shirt.

And it’s not just at the end of their lifespan that clothes, bedding, curtains etc can cause environmental issues.  It can take up to 2,700 litres of water to produce one T-shirt.

The United Nations Environment Programme tells us that the fashion industry as a whole produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions.  That’s more than all international flights and maritime shipping.

That’s an amazing and quite scary statistic.

It’s not just textiles!

Willow Wood’s retail operations manager Sharon Hodgekiess said: “Let’s face it, we all have clothes that we decide don’t suit us, or just don’t wear anymore. Instead of them taking up room in your wardrobe please think about donating them to Willow Wood.  And if you’re re-decorating we can take your curtains or duvet sets too!”

“Of course, it’s not just textiles. Toys, books, furniture, bric a brac and more can be recycled through our shops. Also, the Willow Wood distribution centre on Langham Street, Ashton, accepts stainless steel, copper, brass and old cables.”

Sheila Redfearn, one of the Hospice’s volunteers agrees.  “I work in the Ashton shop, on Old Street, and it’s just amazing to see the quality of the goods we get.  If you’ve never shopped at a charity shop before, please call in.  The shop is like a boutique. We get some wonderful donations of clothes, shoes and other accessories, plus lovely homeware and ornaments.  As well as helping save our planet by recycling, you’ll be helping Willow Wood.  I know first-hand that the care and support Hospices provide means so much. Not just to the patient but the whole family.”

By donating or buying goods from Willow Wood shops, you are helping them continue to care for local people.”

Full details of the Willow Wood shops can be found online at www.willowwood.info

For all the latest going’s on in Saddleworth & Tameside visit: https://aroundsaddleworth.co.uk/

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