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Tameside Whit Friday Band Contests…Rich in history

Tameside Whit Friday Band Contests…Rich in history


Tameside Whit Friday Band Contests:- Like Saddleworth, Tameside will also be hosting the ever popular brass band contests. Having started in Stalybridge in the late 19th century (1878-1884 depending on your sources) the contests go back at least 135 years. Although it started in Stalybridge the contest quickly spread to Mossley and across into Saddleworth.

More recently (in the past 50 years) due in no small part to some very dedicated individuals; the band contests have flourished in their birthplace and spread right across the borough.

Once again the unique brass heritage stemming from a more industrialised time has taken its place as the rightful jewel in the crown of Tameside’s cultural events.

This year the borough is hosting 11 events, all organised by volunteer committees under the aegis of the ‘Friends of Whit Friday Brass Band Committee’.

To have a chance of being crowned champions, bands have to perform at a minimum of six contests. As well as demanding proof of musical prowess, the evening also tests bands discipline, stamina and organisational skills. Current champions Foden’s have won the overall contest no less than 16 times since 2000, but will they retain the Rose Bowl in 2019, who knows?


Adam Pickles; Chairman of F.O.W.F.B.B.C said;
“Whether you’ve been before or not, the band contest is an unbelievably exciting event. You never know which bands will be out and about on the circuit. With support from; Tameside Council, the individual contests, local businesses and an army of volunteers, it really is an evening to remember.”

Bands and followers are able to keep abreast of events throughout the evening via;
Twitter @WhitFridayBrass and by using the hashtag #WhitBrass19
Facebook @WhitFridayContest.
Full information and Prize breakdowns can be found here; www.tamesidebrassbands.org

We would like to wish all the bands who are taking part in this years contests the very best of luck, and hope that everyone who goes out on Whit Friday has an enjoyable day.

Please remember if you have any photos of the weekend you would like us to publish in the next issue, then please send them to paul@aroundsaddleworth.co.uk

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure… Whit Friday 2019 will be a joyous occasion!

Loxley Silver at Stalybridge Celtic


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