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Here’s a Valentines cocktail recipe

Perfect for this Valentines Day…. The Saddleworth Cosmopolitan
…Bought to you by The Saddleworth Distillery


Share this beautiful crafted classic with your better half this Valentine’s Day.  The sharp fruity notes pair well as a refreshing after to any romantic meal and can certainly spice up your evening.

The more delicate, earthy notes of the Doctors Favorite Gin pair beautifully with the dry sweetness of the cranberry juice; well balanced with the addition of lime.

For those with a sweeter tooth the addition of honey can add a new dimension to the flavour profile.


50ml of Doctors Favorite Gin

15 ml of triple sec

25ml of cranberry juice

Juice of half a lime


Orange zest to garnish

Add iceMethod

First add ice to a cocktail shaker.

Then add all the other ingredients.

Shake rigorously for thirty seconds and then strain into a cocktail glass.

Add spiral of orange garnish.Snuggle up together and enjoy x

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