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Greenfield Children Raise £1000 in 4 Days

Brother and sister, Leo Dean and Ashleigh Dickerson from Greenfield have raised an astounding £1,000 in just 4 Days for Captain Tom Moore’s cause for the NHS.

Leo aged 6 saw Captain Tom on the news and immediately started his fundraising mission to help Captain Tom raise his fundraising figure. He collected all his books, set up his stall outside the family home and managed to raise £28.60. But, that wasn’t enough for Leo!


That evening he asked his mum, Nicola, to wash all his toys so that he could add these to his stall the following day. By the end of Day Two, Leo had raised £264.53, and despite his Hay fever he carried on to raise a total of £603.30. Even the local police stopped by the stall to give Leo a present for his efforts.


But that wasn’t all.

Determined to help her brother, Leo’s 11-year-old sister, Ashleigh decided to hand paint rocks with inspirational words to raise more money. and in just 2 days she had topped up Leo’s total to £1,000.



In just 2 days she had topped up Leo’s total to £1,000.


Mum Nicola said ” I’m so incredibly proud of my children. In just a few days they have raised and donated £1,000 to Captain Tom Moore’s cause for the NHS. Thank you to everyone who has sent such beautiful messages, encouragement and donations. This is a moment as a mother I am extremely proud of and will never forget.”

On receiving the donation, Captain Tom Moore contacted Leo saying “Phenomenal effort young man!”


I am sure you will join the Around Saddleworth team in congratulating these amazing, inspirational youngsters.

Well Done Leo & Ashleigh!



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