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The Virtual Village – Bringing help and support to the community online.

The Virtual Village – bringing help and support to the community online.

Emma Cooper already worked from home with two businesses but since December, she’d been tracking the Corona Virus because her sister had a rare and aggressive cancer and was finishing her chemotherapy treatment so was very high risk. They decided to isolate 2 weeks ago completely and that’s when The Virtual Village was born.


They are a family of cheerleaders, who like to pick people up when they’re down and offer advice to help others so naturally felt a bit useless being isolated. Alongside our team Eagles team & Elite team, we all got together to create The Virtual Village in a time when we can’t physically be together.


In 36 hours they had 12,000 members and it continues to grow. When you enter the virtual village Facebook group you’ll see some static posts and links to more specific groups that they’ve created. So the group is kind of like your village high street and then you can join/enter any group that takes your fancy.

They currently have:

The Kids Club

Full of teachers and mums uploading daily content by school years. Providing some after school dance classes, children entertainers etc…

The Village Tavern

The online pub where they do a weekly family fun quiz on a Wednesday, live music night on a Saturday night as “IN IN” is the new “out-out”!

The Health Hub

Full of medical professionals sharing information that really help during these times. Reassuring us and providing some fantastic health tips.

The Travel Clinic

Their travel expert takes care of your worries, concerns and queries about cancelled holidays, flights if you’re currently stuck in another country to your home country.

The Business Hub

Helping self-employed and business owners take their shopfront businesses online. Offering ideas, support, encouragement from their experienced businessmen and women.

The Holistic Centre

Full of therapists and lovers of calm giving their help and advice to reduce stress and anxiety – to keep centred and learn new things.

The Beauty Salon

At-home beauty tips from the experts. Hairdressers, make up artists, barbers, beauticians, nail experts giving their at-home tips!


Encouraging little ones to join up with another child their age to become pen pals.. Going back to the old fashioned pen pal age encourages writing and comprehension as well as storytelling and drawing.

Pet Club

For pet lovers and pet experts – advice & top tips on caring for their pets

The Village Library

Book swaps available – Free book resources encouraged and also an online book club for us to get together and discuss!

Emma says “We are just looking to support and bring together our communities at a time when we need to come together as a country and support each other. Also, when we’re surrounded by so much negative news to be inspired by the generosity and community spirit of those communities to help each other. “

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