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Top Tips for Creating your Workspace at Home

Top Tips for Creating your Workspace at Home

Susie Bambridge of Utopia Mix Interiors knows what it is like to run a business from a limited space as her office is in the smallest bedroom in the house.

It can be done, but you just need to be organised and try to bring out the best in the room.

Here are a few of Susie’s tips ….


First of all declutter the room including the walls, this is the time to be ruthless getting rid of items no longer needed.


Keep it Natural:

If you are going to decorate, consider the light coming into the room. North or south facing rooms will affect your paint choices.

North facing rooms can give a cool hue to the painted walls making them look slightly mauve, pinky or even a khaki. Whereas with a south-facing room, the paint will appear more natural and warmer.

It is often a good idea to paint an A4 piece of wood or paper with tester colours and the hold it up at different times of the day and in different locations of the room to see the result.



Consider storage. You can add hanging storage boxes inside your wardrobe to store paperwork etc or a mini set of drawers at the bottom. Existing furniture can be painted to give a fresh new look, this can include veneer finishes as there are some fantastic primers and undercoats available nowadays.

Location, Location:

Choose a good location for your desk and locate near to telephone and power points.


Light the Way:

Plan your lighting carefully. Use warm, white LED bulbs and choose a desk lamp and floor standing lights for a good effect.

Celebrate Your Success:

Place work certificates and positive messages onto the walls or maybe a large notice board.


Finally, finish off with a plant or two. Adding a little greenery will give a sense of wellbeing. If you are worried about not being good at looking after plants then choose a cactus or succulents. They are very hardy and will survive if you forget to water them regularly.




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