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Business of The Week: Disappearing Ink

Disappearing Ink is a family-owned business, fully certified and insured and their clinic is based in their home in Mossley. 

Deciding to have a tattoo removed can feel like a daunting task, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Disappearing Ink are here to guide you through the process and can advise how long and how many treatments they think you may need.


Don’t live with Regret

You don’t need to live with that regret, worrying about what people think, or enduring a painful memory. Make that permanent mark less permanent, by erasing it forever with a virtually pain-free laser tattoo removal.

Every tattoo is different, with each one varying in size, colour, density. Along with your skin type, these all affect the effectiveness of the laser tattoo. You may require multiple treatments in order to notice the full effects, and there may be some colours which respond better to treatment than others.

The Latest Technology

Disappearing Ink only use the very latest laser techniques available, and currently use the Q-switched Nd: YAG– the best in the industry. This works great with blue and black tattoos but is also highly effective with other colours too.


A full consultation can effectively determine your suitability for the treatment and help you realistically determine the expected results. But don’t worry, if the laser treatment can’t help, they also work with great tattoo artists who can suggest tasteful ways to cover up or hide your existing tattoo.

How do we remove your tattoo?

They remove tattoos by using a laser that generates a high powered beam of light in a very short pulse. Short pulses of light are absorbed by your tattoo ink particles and break them down into smaller pieces. This allows your natural immune defences to absorb and dispense of the ink. Over a course of treatments, your tattoo will fade away.

How do we carry out your tattoo removal?

Your skin will be cleaned and the laser applicator passed over your tattoo. You’ll hear a clicking noise as the ink particles shatter. Afterwards,  a soothing lotion is applied and if necessary a light dressing. Whilst your tattoo is being removed you’ll be given protective eyewear because of the laser light.

How many tattoo treatments are necessary?

How long it takes to remove your tattoo depends on the density, colour of inks and age of your tattoo. Amateur tattoos can be easy to remove, taking 1 to 6 treatments.


But professionally done tattoos vary a great deal, some can take up to 15 treatments to remove. Treatment sessions are spaced 6 to 10 weeks apart.

Prior to commencing treatment, you will be given a full consultation and patch test by one of their fully qualified laser technicians.

The patch test determines how the skin reacts. It also gives you an idea of how the full treatment will feel.

The consultation and patch test is free.

Book in today for a free consultation 


Disappearing Ink
2, Camden Street
Opening Hours
WED: 09:00 to 17:00
SAT: 09:00 to 17:00
01457 362 022


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