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Ricky Casey medical fundraiser

Ricky Casey medical fundraiser


As you all know a good friend to so many of us has been fighting the biggest fight of his life recently. Six months ago we had an incredible fund raiser to help him and his wife Nic in this battle and make things easier for them. We have now got to a point where we need your help again for much more critical reasons.
Ricks Cancer is so rare and only about 400 people in the world have had it . (Renal Medullary carcinoma) There isn’t and hasn’t been a lot of research around and it’s a very complex and aggressive cancer and Christie’s have only ever seen 1 person with it. In essence they have no idea what works and what doesn’t! Now Rick has reached desperate measures where they don’t know what to do next .
Christies applied for a drug to be supplied to Rick which had to be approved by the NHS England. They have unfortunately decided that there is not enough research on Ricks Cancer and proof the drug will work. So because of the cost they won’t risk it however if they don’t try they will never know. Christie’s must of thought it was worth it to apply for it and this comes down to money.

Rick has spent most of his working life keeping the public safe and now it’s our turn to repay the favour. If we don’t Rick is left with basically nothing!! We have no definitive cost of the medication but have been told it is likely to be around £15k for a number of cycles but we can’t afford to wait for this figure so need to start now!!

Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service


We will be holding another fun day on Saturday 11th May at Springhead Afc to help raise money towards this. We are hoping to host a celebrity football match, have live music, auction, raffle and much more!! Tickets will be £5 adults, kids go free. These will be available from the club, myself Lee McAllister and Richard Wild from next Saturday. In addition if you can donate any auction or raffle prize please let know. Also any of you who know celebrities or bands please reach out to them for this date.

I’m also asking to get this kick started each of his close friends to donate £100 each. That may seem a lot but let’s put this in perspective!! It’s 2 nights out for most of us and are you willing to sacrifice 2 nights out to try and save a good friends life!!???

Please share the hell out of this!!

Come on people let’s do this for him and show your support…❤️❤️❤️❤️


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