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#Save The Arts

In these challenging times, the arts industry has been tested to its limit. At OSFC we understand that a career in the arts is more than just a career…it’s a vocation. Something all artists feel compelled to do, whether that be dance, drama, art or music.

We believe performance and creative industries are hugely important. They are a way for naturally gifted young people and students with a passion for creativity to thrive. Knowing this, we continue to invest in and support all our current and prospective students in their aspirations to pursue a career in the arts industry and champion them to achieve their very best.

The arts and culture industry was thriving, with 363,700 jobs in the UK in these sectors before Covid, contributing £10.8 billion a year to the UK economy. The arts subjects on offer at OSFC provide students with a range of valuable transferable skills, such as collaboration, communication and creative thinking as well as a platform to express themselves, explore current issues and challenge the world around them.

OSFC continues to be devoted to the arts and will continue to support students, alongside our talented arts faculty, who are as passionate as we are.

After all, these students are the next generation of artists who will reclaim the industry.

 #SaveTheArts #MoreThanViable #NotLowSkilled #IndustryTakeover #WeAreOSFC

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