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Why Is Divorce So Expensive?

It is no secret that divorce is expensive but why is that the case?

Gianna from O’Donnell Solicitors explains Why Divorce is Expensive and how you can keep those costs down.

The answer is simple, spouses so often cannot agree. They are emotional and may use the divorce process as a means to punish their spouse and they may be struggling with how their life is about to change. The emotion or the actions of spouses can make the work involved in their divorce greater and more complicated.

When the client’s come to see me, I give them a cost estimate based upon the different options available to them and I tell them which option is likely to work best for them in their circumstances.

I want everyone who comes to see me leave feeling like they understand the divorce process and what they can expect by way of a financial claim and costs. The advice of all solicitors should be based upon the individual’s circumstances and what they are looking to achieve.

If on being told the different options, a client decides to opt for a solicitor led divorce there are simple ways in which they can keep their costs down.

What you can do to keep your costs down?

Be clear as to what you want your solicitor to do at the outset.

Do as much of the leg work yourself

Prepare your financial disclosure information/documentation as quickly and as comprehensively as possible so you’re not asked to provide more information/documentation by your solicitor or spouse.

Seek emotional support from friends and family

If you are feeling emotional when you see your solicitor, take your friend or family member along. They can take notes so that you can remind yourself of the advice given or of anything you have been asked to do.

Be mindful of the value of the assets you are arguing about

The cost of arguing over say the contents of the matrimonial home, can quickly be outweighed by the value of such contents particularly if it leads to protracted correspondence or litigation.

Choose your battles

Don’t play “tit for tat” over unimportant issues, it could be that your spouse is trying to provoke you. Instead, try to manage your reaction before you decide how you wish to deal with the issue.

Costs transparency

Ask your solicitor for an update on costs and for them to be reviewed. No-one should feel embarrassed or afraid to ask for such information. Solicitors should always give the best costs information available.

About Gianna

Gianna has worked as a partner at the city centre law firm JMW Solicitors LLP. She has also previously trained and worked for DWF LLP. She lives in Saddleworth and brings to O’Donnell Solicitors outstanding service and extensive experience taking a pragmatic and cost-effective approach.

For legal advice on divorce, financial settlements, cohabitation disputes or child-related issues, contact Gianna Lisiecki-Cunane a director at O’Donnell Solicitors on:

01457 761 320


01457 761883

or email: gianna@odonnellsolicitors.co.uk


For more advice visit: https://aroundsaddleworth.co.uk/ 

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