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Bubble and Squeak with maple bacon and a fried hens egg

The Waggon Inn, Uppermill 2

By Matt John @ The Waggon Inn, Uppermill

Serves 4



2 baking potatoes

100g broccoli (roughly chopped)

50g peas

1/4 savoy cabbage

1 onion (diced)

1 teaspoon English mustard

1 teaspoon fresh tarragon (chopped)

50g unsalted butter

Salt and pepper to taste

4 hens eggs

8 rashers of smoked bacon

Maple syrup


1) Bake the potatoes in their skins until tender.

2) When the potatoes are almost done, drizzle the bacon with maple syrup and bake until crispy.

3) Then caramelise the onion in a little oil and then add the cabbage and continue to fry until soft.

4) Add the broccoli and continue to fry for a couple of minutes then add the peas.

5) Remove the potatoes from the oven and scoop out the fleshy middle and roughly mash with a fork

6) Add the onion and cabbage mix to the potatoes and incorporate the mustard, tarragon and seasoning to taste, keep warm

7) Fry the hens egg and serve on top of the bubble and squeak topped with two rashers of crispy maple bacon

The perfect winter warmer… Enjoy!

Happy New Year everyone!



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